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What year was my house built in?

Some people want to know the age of their house as they are interested in the history. Others need to know how old is my house or when their house was built for insurance or other purposes. Follow our simple step to find out when your house was built:

1. Look at the Deeds

Your search maybe short if you can access your house deeds and if they give you the information that you need to answer the question - when was my house built?. Unfortunately for older buildings, the deeds may not tell you everything you need to know. If you don't have possession of the deeds yourself then you should try the bank or building society if you have a mortgage. Alternatively check with the solicitor who carried out your conveyancing. Banks and Building Societies normally make a charge for letting you see the deeds or for making copies and sending them to you.

2. Look at Old Maps

The local or county library are bound to have old maps that will show the area where your property is located, particularly Ordinance Survey maps that may help to narrow down the year when your house was built. There are also some old map resources available online (some may charge). Of course this won't give you a precise date for your house but will at least help you to narrow down the dates.

3. View Census Records

You can access the ten-yearly census online. Although this again will not give an exact date, it will help narrow down the task. Keep in mind though that road names and house names and even number can change and in earlier censuses houses in more rural areas and villages may not have names or numbers.

Good luck in your quest to find the age of your house and what year your ouse was built - and make sure you browse the rest of our site for more clues to help you.