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Sell My House Fast

If you are looking to sell your old house or period property fast, there are a number of specialist agents who can help you to buy or sell your property fast. If you have an old house that you want to sell quickly then you need to ensure that it is in tip top condition. This is for two reasons - firstly you are more likely to get someone who wants to make a quick decision if they can see your house is in great condition. Secondly it will help you to get the survey dealt with more quickly if it does not raise any issues.

In order to sell your old house fast, you need to do all the normal things that any house seller should do. Remove clutter, make sure everything is clean and polished, cut the grass in the front garden, sweep up leaves etc. The key is to help people to feel that they want to live in your house.

However with a period property their are lots of extras to be concerned about. One of the difficult questions is that of damp proof courses. many Victorian and pre-victorian properties were built without a damp proof course. In addition, some early Victorian slate damp proof courses may not be working so well. The physics and reality of "rising damp" are open to some debate. However may building society surveyors will require that there is a damp proof course or that an injection damp proof course should be installed with appropriate gaurantee. Whether these injection damp proof courses actually work, particularly with walls that are built of stone rather than brick is doubtful. However if you are wanting to sell your period house fast then you need to be aware of this problem.

Period properties can be difficult to update without damaging the period features. however the survey will require you to up to date wiring, plumbing etc. Youy will need to ensure that all this renovation work has ben completed as sympathetically as possible if you want to sell your house fast.

As well as looking at specialist agencies designed for the householder who wants to "sell my house fast" such as Buy My House Quick there are also a number of forums specailisng in care and maintenance of older buildings such as Period Property UK. Make sure that you find the agency who will get you the best deal. Remember the faster service you accept, potentially the lower price you will receive and the higher the agents fees.