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Enclosure Maps
Amongst the earliest maps will be those accompanying enclosure awards dating from the middle of the eighteenth century. These will be held at the County records office or the Public Record Office.

Tithe Maps
Following the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836, a series of maps was produced to help decide payments due under the Act. Some are little more than sketch maps but some are detailed and reasonably accurate. They are held at the Public Record Office at Kew and copies are usually kept at local County Record Offices.

Local Maps
There are numerous potential sources of local maps, particularly estate maps or maps drawn up by local business ventures or estates. These may be held by local authorities or parish councils.

Ordnance Survey Maps
The first one inch to the mile map was produced in 1801 and within two decades a significant portion of England and Wales had been mapped. In 1841 the Ordnance Survey Act provided for the whole country to be mapped.

Old Maps

Old Maps

Cassini Maps

Ordnance Survey Maps