How old Is My House
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Timeline - Building Periods








Elizabethan House


Most Elizabethan houses that are still standing tend to be larger houses. Smaller houses and cottages have usually been knocked down and redeveloped over the years although some houses may still have some tudor features.

Elizabethan houses are generall constructed of daub and timber and are distinctive due to the amount of external timberwork. Usually thay are 2 or 2½ stories high and often the upper story has a slight overhang. Often the chimneys are very ornate. Windows of Elizabethan house are usually small casement windows often with diamond shaped leaded glass.

Elizabethan house

Most Elizabethan houses, whilst retaining some of the old original features will have been modernised over the years often using modern materials and styles. This can mask the age of the property somewhat. In the icture above you can see some original features particualrly relating to te general construction along with newer features such as modern guttering.