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Pictures in the left columns show the date of the property. In the right column is a broader view of the property. Click the picture to enlarge. Remember that the dates on the buildings may not be the date they were originally built and the features may not be original (for instance the windows in the 1844 picture are modern wooden replacement sashes). If you have pictures that could be used in this gallery, please contribute here. Please note, they must have the date on the building visible in the picture for this gallery.

1870 This row of shops bears the date 1870. This is consistent with the style of sash windows 1870
1891 This house is dated 1891. The "6 over 2" sash windows were popular around this time 1891
1844 The arch of this house bears the date of 1844. The sash windows are modern wood replacements. The rough stone may well have originally been rendered. 1844
1868 This house bearing the date 1868 is one of many in the area dating from the mid-victorian era 1868
1895 This house is dated 1885 and is joined to the house dated 1891 above. 1895
1836 This archway dated 1836, is in a neighbouring village to the 1844 property above. 1836