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Architectural Features

Windows. Sash windows would suggest that your old house is Victorian or Georgian. If your sash window has many small panes then that this would suggest that the age of your house is Georgian. With improved manufacturing processes in the Victorian area larger panes of glass could be produced cheaply leading to the trend of larger panes of glass in Victorian windows. If you have a blocked up window this could suggest that your house age dates to the era of the window tax - possibly 17th century.

Roofs. The roof of a house may be much less useful in determining the age of your house than some other factors. Roofs get replaced with considerable frequency and it is likely that if your house is over 100 years old that the roof may well have been replaced. Usually roofs are replaced using newer and cheaper materials. Even a really old house that had a thatched roof may now have modern concrete tiles. However, there are some factors that can help in dating your house, particularly if there are for instance decorative ridge tiles that clearly date to the Victorian era.

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Can I access census records for my house for free?
The census takes place every 10 years. The National Archives make some census material available free of charge through 3rd party websites.

Where can I find old maps of my house?
Ordnance Survey maps are available online. Local maps may be available from your local or county library.

Where can I find the deeds to my house?
If you have a mortgage then they may be held by your bank or building society.

How can I tell if my house is Victorian or Georgian?
There are some specific styles that are unique to those periods. For instance houses with original sahe windows that contain a large pane of glass are more likely to be Victorian. Windows with smaller panes are more likely to be Georgian.

How Old Is My House? When was my house built - Free Info

Finding out the history and age of your house can be fascinating. Frequently people find themselves wondering: "How old is my house?" Most old houses have been added to and changed over the years, and few houses retain all their original features. Discovering the history and age of your house can also provide an insight into the lives of the owners. When looking at the different evidence for how old your house is, don't take everything on face value. Georgian windows may have been replaced by Victorian ones, a new facade may have been added, and even dates inscribed in stone on the house may not be original but may indicate when upgrades or extensions were done.


It can be fascinating to find out the history of your house. There are lots of free resources. Look at all the evidence for the age of a house and balance out different aspects to find a likely date to help answer the question "How old is my house?"or When was my house built?


deedsTitle Deeds of Your House

The first stop to find out the age of your house in the UK is probably to look at the title deeds. If you have a mortgage then these will normally be held by your mortgage provider or bank, who may make a charge for letting you see them! >more

mapsMaps from when your house was built

Very often old maps can give you some clue as the age of your house. Nineteenth Century Ordnance Survey Maps can be viewed free at Old Maps using your postcode. >More
You can also visit your local library or local records office for local old maps.

neighboursAsk your Neighbours

It's always possible that your neighbours may have some helpful information about your house history, particularly if the style of their house is the same as yours. Even the names of local roads can help if they were named for significant historical or local events or people.

architectureArchitectural Styles, Building Technigues and Materials

All of these can be relevant. Whether the building has casement or sash windows, whether or not it has a damp proof course, whether it has been plastered with gypsum or lime can all give an indication of your house history.

censusCensus Records & Directories

Some census records and local Kelly's directories are available free online. These may be particularly helpful if your house was used to run a business or was owned by someone of local importance. They may also be available at your local library. More on Censuses

Find the age of my house? When was my house built?

People may need to find the age of a house for a number of reasons. It could be for buildings insurance purposes or could just be that they are interested in the history of the house they now live in. Unfortunately you cannot always discover the age of my house by postcode as one postcode will probably have houses from different eras.


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